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Happy Birthday to "Only Grace"


Can you believe it’s been a year since we released “Only Grace”? I still remember the first time we played it at church. We were still meeting at the Boys & Girls Club in Clifton, NJ. The first time I introduced the song was just on an acoustic guitar. No drums or bass or piano. If I remember correctly, it was my wife and I who sang it. Each time we played it, you sang it a little louder and you believed in what you were saying. I can usually tell if our church takes a hold of and enjoys a singing a song. Every time we play Only Grace, that’s the loudest I hear our church sing! It’s a crazy feeling. Hearing a room full of people singing a song louder than the band. It’s even crazier when the song is about the hope and freedom we have in Jesus. Now fast forward a year later, it’s become the anthem of our church. Thanks for taking this journey with us and believing in the song and making it into something bigger and better than we could have every imagined.

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