We love helping people build lives worth living. Along the path we have also discovered that serving not only changes others but changes us. Join a team and let’s build lives worth living together.

Music has the ability to bring people together in so many ways. The songs we sing are songs of Hope, Love, and above all else - Jesus. Our goal is to create a unique and authentic worship experience where we can come as we are. Broken. Lost. Excited. Hopeful. We get to celebrate what Jesus has done for us through our worship.

Helping people build lives worth living starts with inviting the people we care about to check out what the Bible has to say about life in a way they can relate to. Our Production Team plays a major role in creating just such an environment. The Production Team, which includes sound, lights and computer, works together with our band and speakers to produce an experience that delights the senses, opens the heart and clearly communicates to the mind.

Knowing where you are and the direction of your next step takes the stress out of the journey. Our Concierge Team is there to answer your questions, get you connected and encourage you in a positive direction.  If you need any information about Skyline our Concierge desk is the place to be! Or fill out a Connection Card and we will be in contact with you ASAP.  We love to connect you to where you want to go.

Helping people to know we are happy to see them isn’t hard when we really are happy to see them. Helping people feel loved is not hard when we really do love them. Accepting people just as they are is not hard when you don’t have opinions about others.

You will love taking this step! Our Hospitality Team loves to greet you with a great cup of coffee and some tasty treats that will be sure to delight your pallet and warm your heart. So please be sure to stop in at our café before you take your seat in the Celebration Service as you walk the path in finding out what it means to live a life worth living.

Skyline seems to love food and be able to love others with food. One of the loudest and most memorable ways to show someone they are loved and cared about is by bringing a meal when they need it most. Our Meals Team ministers to the people of Skyline by showing up with a meal when people are sick, have lost a loved one, are in need financially, have had a baby, or have a family member in the hospital. The smiles are priceless.

Have you ever wondered how all the supplies miraculously show up on Sundays and at the events that we run? Well our magical elves are called the Behind the Scenes Team. This team buys, prints, prepares and makes all the supplies that we need for our Skykidz classrooms, Sunday and weekly events. We have many different aspects to this team so almost every skill set is needed. We need people to do tasks like clean the offices all the way to creating art pieces and organizing the different items we need to keep stocked. We usually work during the week and before and after events so we welcome all to be part of this awesome team. 



498 Watchung Ave.

Bloomfield, NJ 07003



(973) 429-8833


Sunday 9:00am & 10:45am

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Monday - Thursday:

9:00am - 3:00pm

Friday: CLOSED