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We love helping people build lives worth living. Along the path we have also discovered that serving not only changes others but changes us. Join a team and let’s build lives worth living together.


Here are some of our current ministries available to serve in. Click the name of the ministry you may be interested in for more info.

Traffic Team

Looking for 3 people to serve.


  • Provide Traffic setup on Sunday mornings 

  • Set up cones to ensure easy traffic flow, put up Skyline banners 

  • People who do not mind being out in any type of weather ( Sunshine, Rain, Snow) 

  • Greet arriving guests, Traffic Team is the first impression guests have of Skyline Church  

  • Direct traffic appropriately to create a smooth drop off area  

  • Help direct elderly and handicapped guests to specified parking spaces 

  • Offer assistance as needed to our guest and other ministries 

Take a look at our ministry teams below. If you'd like more info on any of the teams listed, click on the appropriate name and fill out the corresponding form. A ministry leader will be in touch with you shortly after you submit the form.

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