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This class is for students in 6th-8th grade. This is a crazy time for almost all students. Their hormones are changing and they begin to question who they are and what they really like and want to do. It can be a period with increased mood changes and lot of drama. Our leaders prepare for this and greet each student with open hearts and listening ears. We have class during the 1st service on Sunday mornings and then have service opportunities during the 2nd service. We also have fun events at least once a month! Our team is excited to get to know your student and walk alongside you as you lead and love your child. 

Ministry Leader:

Chuly Vanegas

David Vanegas

Angelina Turro

If it's your first time at Skyline or you need to update some info, get your child pre-registered by downloading and filling out a registration form below.

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