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Highschool, so many decisions that affect your entire life are made during this age. From 9th-12th grade is when the shift from dependance on mom and dad to independence and life skill development can fully bloom. Here they can take the path to incredible opportunities or get stuck wanting electronics and media to make their life worthwhile. We want to lead them to see that living life is more than just existing but can be full of joy, excitement and opportunities if they make wise choices. Here we give them many chances to see that if they allow God to fill them with His love then they can pour their lives into others and experience a life worth living. We have small group time on Wednesday nights from 7pm-8:30pm and have events every month with at least 2 overnight events a year. We also go on a yearly missions trip and encourage our teens to join a ministry team on Sundays. Our team is excited to get to know your student and walk alongside you as you love them and transition them into a new stage of life. 

Ministry LeaderS:

Katie & Kelechi Ibeh

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