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Building a life worth living happens at Arena night. If your finances and marriage were delights in your life, would you call it a life worth living? If your marriage was a source of joy, purpose, fulfillment, growth, and pleasure, would it increase the value of your life? You and I know the answer is a resounding yes! 

How about your finances? If you could transform them from a source of worry, pressure, fights and that feeling of never having enough, to telling each dollar what to do, having meaningful conversations about what we value with our families, and have true contentment, would that increase the value of your life? You and I both know that the answer to this is also yes! Financial Peace University is where all of this is possible. 

You can change your marriage from a 5 to a 7, a 3 to a 7, or an 8 to a 10 through re|engage. re|engage is currently open to new couples. You do not need to make a commitment to attend, just stop by and check it out. Financial Peace gives you the opportunity to move toward peace of mind when it comes to your finances.

Arenas for FPU or re|engage will be opening in 2024. Check back soon!

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