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Kindergarten and 1st grade are huge transitions for children. Getting homework and grades for the first time can be overwhelming not to mention all the "friend' issues that can start coming up. Our Jr. Clubhouse class is made to help children feel loved, included and bond over games and truths. We start asking how they think God can play out in their lives and how they can put into practice the truths they are learning. We want them to learn that they can trust God no matter what.

In 2nd-5th grade things settle down a bit, the children start feeling a bit more capable and feel like they know what they are doing. This age group is our Clubhouse class. They love to play interactive games and learn through experiments and seeing things play out in real life. Part of this class is asking questions to see who they think they are and how God fits into that picture. Teaching them how their friends affect their views and how they can lead their friends instead of allowing their friends to determine their path. We know how important it is to help them feel secure before entering the pre-teen years so we can't wait to get to know your child and walk alongside them and you as you lead and love them. 

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