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5 Reasons to Come to Worship Night


Worship nights have quickly become a Skyline event favorite. When asked "What made you first attend Skyline?" or "What made you want to come back to Skyline?" - I've heard many individuals say "It was the welcoming smile." "It was the kids ministry." "It was the music."

The music.

Music has this amazing way of bringing people together for the same reason. People that may or may not ever be in the same situation or the same room together. Music tears walls down and engages your heart and your mind. I could go on and bore you to death talking about music, and theory, and the neuroscience behind music. But I won't. If you're still on the fence about attending our worship night happening this June, here are 5 (really good, in my opinion) reasons to think about:

1.) Worship is talked about throughout the Bible. Romans 12:1 talks about our proper act of worship: taking our whole selves and placing it before God as an offering.

2.) We get to worship in our new home. Skyline was started 15 years ago in Pastor Chris and Lori High's living room. And in 2016, we were finally able to purchase a building of our own. It has been a wild ride over these 15 years. We get to come together to celebrate and take the next step in the story of Skyline. You get to be a part of that!

3.) You can meet people! Whether you're looking for a new church to call home or you've been regularly attending Skyline, there's always a chance to meet someone new. Or if you're like me, actually put some names to faces. Worship night is a great chance to do that! Who knows - you may even meet a cute girl or handsome boy.

4.) Stories. At Skyline, we love hearing peoples stories. Worship Night is a chance for you to hear someone's story about Jesus working in their life. We will also be taking some time to pray for some families in our church.

5.) It's free! There's absolutely no charge, no hidden fees. We're not even going to have an offering during worship night. If you're a couple, use it as your date night! If you're looking for something to do on a Friday night, worship night is a great event to be at. Trying to eat healthier, drink less, get inspired, meet new people? Worship night is sure to help you out in all of those areas.

Tickets for Worship Night are available here. Space is limited so be sure to grab your ticket today! We'll see you there!

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