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  • Ericka Ellerbusch

We Have a Blast at Skykidz!


Every week in Skykidz we have a blast! We seek to help children see God's truth in many ways. We have a story time when we talk about a specific story from the bible in an engaging way. Then we use games and activities to bring the truths of that story to life. We also have an incredible worship time.

Worship is so much more than singing songs with music. It is when you follow God with your whole heart and do something that you are scared to do or simply don't feel like doing. It is when you must step out of your comfort zone to bring God the glory he deserves.

In Clubhouse we use our song time to teach this truth as well. We encourage the children to dance as if no one else but God is watching because he loves when we experience his joy through dancing, singing and laughing. Our small group leader, Kristi Luna, shot this incredible video of Sebastian doing his dance of worship to God.

When Sebastian’s mom, Carmen Ravello, saw the video she said, “…it made me laugh and smile. I was surprised to see him on the side and not first in line. Sebastian is not the shy type but very outgoing. He's more outgoing than me! I love to see him dance and express his love in God's house. It melts my heart. I know that he is in the right place with a second family, and that he will grow and prosper better as a child of God. Thank you Skykidz for welcoming my son. I can't thank you enough. I am forever grateful.”

As you can see he LOVES to make up his own moves. We hope you enjoy watching him and the class worship as much as we do every Sunday!

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