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Hershey Camping Trip


If your kids are not involved in SkyYouth, here is a great reason to get them plugged in. The Hershey Camping trip was first a great road trip with lots of laughs, snack stops and even a beautiful detour through New Jersey farm country due to stopped traffic on route 78. We camped at the Hershey Park camp grounds with a pool and lots of room to roam around. Someone even saw Pastor Chris schooling a few guys in basketball!

The trip started with packing up in the pouring rain. Everyone became soaked by the rain, but remained smiling. Once we arrived, we had the tents all set up just in time for another down pour of rain. Most of our tents were full of water but the students did a great job at drying them off and having fun instead of complaining. The junior high boys left their nice dry tent in the rain and helped someone near us set up their tent in the rain. They saw a need and sprang into action. It was awesome!

The rain moved on and the kids roasted hot dogs and finished with s’mores and lots of laughter. Yes, the kids tried to stay up all night, but finally dozed off. After breakfast in the morning it was off to the park for a wonderful day of rollercoasters, water rides and crazy conversations. At the core of these trips are the relationships you build teen to teen, leader to teen and even leader to leader. It's all part of creating a place where we help each other build our lives on grace. Thanks to all the leaders and thanks to the kids for a great time together. We can't wait to make more memories next year!


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