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In April, Skyline kicked off a pilot of the Re-Engage Marriage ministry. We had high hopes that it would become one of the arenas where we help people build their life on grace. So far, we have been very pleased.

The night starts with worship, followed by either 20 minutes of teaching or 20 minutes of marriage stories. We then break up into groups. There are two types of groups: Open Group - where the group discusses the teaching for the night or the homework from the previous week; Closed Group - this group lasts for 16-20 weeks and follows a specific curriculum that helps you build your marriage on grace.

We are only 5 weeks in and are hearing the men say, “Wow, this is really kicking me around. I am dealing with things I should have dealt with years ago.” “I have not talked to my wife about so many meaningful things in years. A good marriage is so different than the way we have been living.” My favorite quote was, “Pastor Chris, we are not stopping for the summer, are we? We can’t stop now, I need this!"

As your Pastor, I am very excited about the future lives that will be impacted by this ministry. One of the best ways to build a life worth living is to build your marriage on grace. We will kick off Re-Engage for the whole church this September. If you would like to see your marriage improve in meaningful ways, you will want to check it out.

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