• Rachel Richardson

Couples Who Re|Engaged

The evening of Tuesday, March 12th, marked an incredible milestone for 10 couples that graduated from re|engage. The room was filled with joy and nervous energy as the couples celebrated the 18-week journey and prepared themselves for the road ahead – where they will apply the principles they learned and consistently press into God as the center for their marriage.

For some, it was their first time going through re|engage. For others, it was their fourth. Yet the unfailing theme for every couple was that God revealed areas in each of their lives where they needed to grow, trust, and work to love their spouse better. “What an awesome God we have,” boasted one of our veteran couples. “He doesn’t just leave you the same. He works on you constantly.” And even after four rounds of facilitating re|enegage, they joyfully declared “we are still growing.”

The couples sat around a large dining room table and discussed where they were, where they are, and what's next. One thing was certain in every story, God blessed each of them with humility to recognize their mistakes and with the courage to face their mistakes!

Where they were…

“unable to enjoy time together”

“lots of empty promises and unfulfillment”

“marriage was going down the drain”

“no communication”

“no idea what marriage is supposed to look like”

“dishonesty and lack of trust”




“I didn’t think I had anything new to learn”

“no matter how hard I try, I’ll never reach her expectations”

“I didn’t want to go, she dragged me here...”

“so many unspoken words”

“I was worried and afraid about sharing intimate details about our marriage and our problems”

Where they are…

“we found a healthy way to communicate”

“we spend less time arguing, which means more time spent enjoying our children”

“we have better understanding and communication”

“we learned how to appreciate the other person’s feelings”

“we think before we react”