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Update: Traffic Coordination 4.0


Hello Everyone from the Skyline Traffic Coordinators,

This Sunday, June 18th, Brookdale Park will be having a Fine Arts & Crafts Sale which starts at 10am. This event is also in the park on Saturday and because it is a big event, we do not know if it will have an impact on parking or traffic for Sunday service. If people attending the event start to arrive earlier and parking in the park fills up, it may impact the parking on the streets located on the north side of Watchung Avenue. It may also cause traffic on Watchung Avenue due to vehicles entering and exiting the park. If you are attending the second service, be aware of the circumstances and leave yourself enough time to arrive and find parking. Don’t forget that parking is available in the Wells Fargo Bank on the corner of Watchung Avenue and Broad Street.

Should you have any special needs such as the use of a wheelchair, we have two available for use at the church. Simply pull into the drop-off area and let a coordinator know of your special needs and we will assist you. For your safety and the safety of the drivers entering into the drop-off zone, we would respectfully ask that you try to limit your conversations with the coordinators while they are serving. Standing in the street in the drop-off zone creates several safety issues; one it makes it difficult for the coordinator to watch for those wishing to use the drop-off zone if they are distracted while speaking and, secondly, if not focused on the vehicles entering, it exposes anyone in the roadway to being struck by a vehicle entering that area. Thank you for understanding the need for the coordinator to focus on his mission by keeping those attending Skyline safe whether as a pedestrian or as a driver.

We do encourage you to utilize our drop-off zone for your passengers, simply enter to the right of the cones placed in the street and go as far to the front of the line as possible. A coordinator will be there to assist you. Should you have any special needs or concerns, please email me at so that I can assist you to make your arrival at Skyline as eventless as possible. We look forward to seeing you this Sunday.

"But the product of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness" Galatians 5:22

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