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Update: Traffic Coordination 2.0


Hello everyone from the Skyline Traffic Coordinators!

What a beautiful day to celebrate Mother’s Day this past Sunday. I can tell you that in speaking with some of our neighbors in the area, they are very appreciative of our efforts to settle in to the community. Kirk & Sharon, who live across the street from Skyline, actually attended on Sunday. What an opportunity to share who Jesus really is as we celebrate each week. As we continue to learn about our neighbors, I will share with you some observations so we can continue on that path of being a good neighbor. We encourage you to utilize the drop off zone for your passengers so less people will need to cross Watchung Avenue until the town and county complete the official crosswalk. Think for a moment, it’s a great opportunity to practice those driving skills entering and exiting the coned area, just don’t do this when you follow someone into the drop off area......

Watching families walking from parking their vehicles caused me to realize, FAMILIES THAT PARK TOGETHER WALK TOGETHER. That’s probably a pretty good thing in itself. Regarding parking on Watchung Avenue, while there are no signs posted on the South side of Watchung, we would encourage you that you do not drop off or park in front of the church entrance. Please use the drop off zone for the safety of everyone. In addition, please avoid parking in front of 503 Watchung Avenue which is the first residence next to the church. We have placed official pedestrian crossing signs in the roadway and if a vehicle parks there, it creates a few safety issues. First, it obstructs the view for drivers traveling east to see those waiting to cross from church back to the west side of Watchung Avenue. Second, with the vehicle parked there and the pedestrian crossing sign there, it narrows the travel portion of the roadway exposing you to losing your driver’s side mirror.

Regarding parking in the neighborhood, a reminder of the NJ regulations require that you do not park within 10 feet of a fire hydrant or within 25 feet of a crosswalk at an intersection. You cannot park within 50 feet of a stop sign. When parking near corners, be aware if you park there that you may make it difficult for someone trying to exit a side street and watch for the yellow curbs as well. As you learn the neighborhood parking each week, look for those basketball hoops by the roadway and try to avoid parking there for the children who reside at that residence. Remember the 4 foot driveway clearance allowing residents to easily enter and exit their driveways.

As the Traffic Coordinators look forward to serving you, please communicate with us when entering the drop off area of any special needs you may have. We will make every effort to assist you with your request. Thank you for your cooperation the past two weeks allowing us to serve you and our neighbors and at the same time, providing a safe area around our campus.

“Let each of us please his neighbor for his good, to build him up.”

Romans 15:2

Serving our Community Together Through Him,

Joe Dennis

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