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What Jesus Loves... And What He Doesn't


The Big Idea: Jesus delights in liberating the humble seeker, but distresses over the hardened pretender.

Four Groups that Interacted with Jesus…

1. Mark 1:16-20 – The disciples were characterized by:

a. Action

b. Adventure

c. All in!

2. Mark 1:21-26 – The crowd was characterized by:

a. Amazement

b. Entertainment

c. Convenience

3. Mark 3:1-5 – The religious leaders were characterized by:

a. Condemnation

b. Criticism

c. Self-righteousness

4. Mark 6:1-6 – The hometown was characterized by:

a. Contempt

b. Familiarity

c. Offense

What Jesus Loves is the mission his Father gave him…but his plan involves you!

This week we have the choice to follow Jesus.

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