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Skyline's Response To Covid-19 Uptick


"The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty." Proverbs 27:12

Ways to help people with their concerns:

  1. Meet in a place where you can maintain social distancing. Suppose you are meeting in a space that is too small to promote social distancing. Then move to a room at the church campus. Everyone should sit 6ft apart.

  2. Have masks available and encourage people to wear them if anyone in your group feels increased anxiety. Loving others is your priority.

  3. Start and end with cleaning. You should use Lysol wipes or an approved Covid cleaner on all surfaces anyone in your group touched. This includes the chairs they sat on.

  4. Go virtual for a couple of weeks or provide a virtual option for those who need to stay home.

  5. Send out the link for people to watch the prayer video before the group to not be together as long during the meeting. I will send you the link once I can get to my computer.

Basic Reminders:

  • If you have been exposed to someone who has tested positive, you should not be coming to the group or church for 2 weeks since the date of the last exposure.

  • Do not come to the group or church if you have any Covid symptoms.

  • If you test positive for Covid, notify your small group leader and/or ministry leader. You may be contagious 2 days before the onset of symptoms.

Group Covid Reminders:

  1. If you maintain social distancing and masks, you greatly decrease the risk of exposure to your group members even if someone in the group does test positive after being at the meeting.

  2. Start and end with cleaning: Wipe off all surfaces your group touched, including chairs sat in.

  3. Talk with your group members to be sensitive to their concerns and deal with them as best as possible.

Remember, we are not acting out of fear but prudence or wisdom.

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