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Trunk or Treat - Traffic Notice


This Sunday will be a special test to see how well you have taken notice of our updates and planning for our Trunk or Treat for not only those attending Skyline but our neighbors as well. Skykidz has invited our neighbors to attend our Trunk or Treat, which will start promptly at 12:15pm. Here’s where your participation is very important. We have secured permits from the Township of Bloomfield to close down Williams Street between Watchung Avenue and Eaton Place. The Bloomfield Police Department will be assisting us with this event. The road closure will take place at 10am. So, you will then ask, what happens to our drop off zone and handicapped parking? Here is the game plan for those arriving for service:

  • The roadway will close at 10am; this will allow those utilizing their vehicles for the event to park and decorate in preparation for the 12:15 start.

  • At 9:20 am, we will shift our drop off zone and handicapped zone to Watchung Avenue.

  • Our handicapped parking will be located on Watchung Avenue for those arriving for the second service.

  • Our blue handicapped signs will be on Watchung Avenue, and a Traffic Coordinator will be there to assist you in parking.

  • Our drop off zone will be located on Watchung Avenue directly in front of the Church.

  • Please pay attention to the Coordinators in that the drop off zone will be shorter so as not to block the crosswalk for those crossing Watchung Avenue for the service.

For those who will be participating with their vehicles for the Trunk or Treat, the entrance will be closed on Watchung Avenue to Williams Street. Starting at 10:10am, you can enter Williams Street from Eaton Place. You will need to enter Donna Drive from Broad Street, and the roadway will turn into Eaton Place as you round the bend. This will bring you to where you will need to enter. Once you enter Williams Street, a Traffic Coordinator will direct you where to park. Please follow his/her instructions to streamline the process of making this area safe.

With your cooperation, we can be good neighbors, create a safe environment for the children attending Trunk or Treat and absorb the joy that comes with watching the children have a great time.

If you have any special needs, concerns, or questions, please contact me directly:

Joe Dennis

Cell: 973-417-3934

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