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  • Chris High

Campus Hospitality Host


Have you ever been to someone's house that was so warm and welcoming you did not want to leave? They created an atmosphere where you knew you were not family, but somehow their hospitality convinced you that you belonged there. That is precisely what we want to be able to create in our campus.

Skyline is looking to hire a part-time campus host. An essential trait this person should have is hospitality. Do you help people feel comfortable, love serving them and putting on parties? The second trait needed is organizing, not just to get things in order, but to come up with systems that make it easier for ministry leaders and group leaders to use our campus. The third is leadership skills because you will lead the cleaning team and help other groups to clean as well. You must be able to recruit, train and lead a team to keep our campus looking great.

Lastly, communication skills will be essential. You will be in charge of our kitchens and various rooms, so you will be communicating with the congregation, ministry leaders, life group leaders and leading special days like breakfasts and baby dedications.

If interested, please contact to start the conversation.

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