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  • Chris High

Strengthening Your Faith


You love to give, especially when a need arises, but there are far more needs than you could ever meet! So how do you decide what you are going to give to? As a church family, we are trying to help each other build lives transformed by grace. Giving is a part of that journey. Here are a couple of principles that we live by: 1. God wants your heart, not your money. He asks us to give from a cheerful heart, not out of compulsion.

2. Giving is something that grows our faith. God promises the more we give, the more He increases our ability to give, but every time we give more, it is a step of faith that He will provide. We use Faith Promise as a tool to help us grow in our faith. Each family unit decides what they want to give from a cheerful heart for the next year and then trust God to provide. Sometimes we are amazed at the way God provides and grows our faith. Sometimes we get scared or fall into the habit of giving to God after we pay the bills. Then we either lose the cheerful heart or bail on giving what we set out to give. This is all part of the growing process. Which is why we do it every year. This year, we are doing something new. We are setting a goal together as a church. We are setting this goal to help us grow together in our faith. On Sunday, November 25th we are dedicating the whole day to Faith Promise. Please start now by praying for how God wants to use you to accomplish his mission with a cheerful heart.

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