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Fearless Week #4

  1. Is fearing danger actual physical danger a bad thing? People were asking about how there are many different kinds of fear, for example, how will loving drive out fear of heights or fear of snakes, but maybe those are the good fears we should still have.

  2. The Bible tells us to fear God. What does that mean? What does that look like? What is the difference between fearing God and bad fear?

  3. Is that type of love actually achievable Or just something that we strive for? Is perfect love an ideal?

  4. What does this love look like? Give examples. How do we put fearlessness into practice? We understand that loving others is the path to being fearless, but how do we put some practical steps into place to make this a reality?

  5. How do I know the best way to love others?

  6. How do I know my capacity to love? Sometimes I feel like I’m spreading myself too thin and therefore can’t love well.

  7. How do I renew God’s love for me?

  8. How do I love and not become a doormat? How do I maintain self-respect while loving someone who tells me lies?  

  9. What if I have chronic anxiety due to a physical issue? Psychological issue? Fear triggers?

  10. At what point does spiritual fearlessness become reckless if at all? So, if I decide to embrace fearlessness, how do I know if I am doing it right?

  11. How can a Christian deal with fear when facing a possible terminal illness, and\or a major operation that is very high risk? A believer can try their best to know that God is in control; to know that God sees the master plan in all situations; number three trust in God’s word; four have people pray. At the same time, the human side of people may still experience real fear in such situations.

  12. As a Christian, what are some practical steps for managing fear either before something awful has happened, while something awful is happening, or after something awful has happened?

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