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Faith Promise 2022


Almost every week, you hear someone say God wants your heart, not your money, and after He gives you a new heart, you LOVE to give. Every year we decide what we would love to give to God by faith over the next year. The Bible says to give what you have decided to give in your heart.

Last year we challenged each other to pledge based on 3 promises:

1. The bigger your cup, the bigger God’s cup. Luke 6:38

2. God changes you, which, in turn, changes your fruit. 2 Corinthians 9:8

3. Principle: God provides for His church through His people. Ephesians 4:16

We also made three applications, starting with, if you budget and give 10% in 5 years or sooner:

1. You will have to think about giving more.

2. You will be amazed at God’s fruit of generosity in your ministry, marriage, parenting, wisdom, and generosity.

3. Your church will be impacting our community in ways you could never have dreamed.

Usually, we want to give more than we can trust God to provide. That is why Faith Promise is a beautiful opportunity to grow in our faith.

We ask that, if possible, you make your pledge on the Church Center App. But we will also have paper cards available at the church. Please begin to prayerfully think through the number you will trust God to provide for in 2022.

If you took the challenge last year, let us know how it is going. Did God provide in 2021? Do you see a change in yourself and your fruit? You can send your responses to Your stories will help our church prepare for 2022. Thanks ahead of time!

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