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Celebrating Joel & Glisette


This past Sunday, I witnessed the culmination of a year of Jesus working his vision and mission for Skyline in Joel Velez and Glisette Caceres lives, as they became Mr. and Mrs. Glisette and Joel Velez. Just a little over a year ago, Joann Sanchez invited them to visit Skyline. After one visit, they were hooked and since then, have been discovering who Jesus is and what his word says about life and relationships. Joel says, "I just did not know. I had no idea how to live life. The Bible teaches the opposite of how we had been living."

They decided to get married and were focusing on the getting married and living by God's word part, rather than the wedding. But Alixa, Justine and a few other friends decided to love on them by turning this special day into a wedding they will never forget. Glisette's small group showed up all dressed in black dresses and unique sunglasses. The word got out to the family and overnight the guest list grew from 15 people to 45 smiling and loving faces.

Take a look at these pictures and enjoy what happens when people commit to building a place where we treat one another the way God treats us. Thank you, Joel and Lissy for letting me be a part of this special day.


We love because he first loved us. 1 John 4:19 NIV

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