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  • Rachel Richardson

I Didn't Drink the Kool Aid


Growth Catalyst changed my life. I know it's a cliché thing to say and you probably don't believe me, but trust me when I say, I DID NOT drink the Kool-Aid. This is the real deal. In fact, I'm living proof, and so are the four people we celebrated on Sunday, Oct. 21st, who graduated from Growth Catalyst – Reggie, Julissa, Sheylah, and Roger.

Growth Catalyst is the study of the first 8 books of Romans. It's an in-depth discovery of the lies we believe and is used as a tool that becomes your go-to for replacing lies with God’s truth. It’s done on a weekly basis with a leader (someone who has previously taken Growth Catalyst) until the course is completed. As you go through the course, you develop an awareness and gain perspective on who God says you are. You discover where your value comes from and learn what God says about your mistakes, your failures, and your brokenness.

What’s most incredible about Growth Catalyst is that each person that takes it gains something different, specific, and unique to their lives. Here’s what our graduates say they learned from Growth Catalyst.


Roger learned to remain humble and trust God. He learned to trust God’s perfect timing and not make rash decisions. And he hopes to teach and show others how Growth Catalyst has blessed him.

Reggie learned that by accepting Christ, he is no longer a slave to sin. He learned how to trade in lies for the truth. Reggie boasts, "to anyone who really wants to be transformed, I highly recommend Growth Catalyst."