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Hurricane Harvey Recovery


On Sunday morning at 3:00 am, thirty-eight Nutley High School boys met at Newark Airport: Rockport Texas here we come! We were quite a site, as we took up most of the plane we were going to fly in. We traveled here to help people who have had their homes and lives destroyed by Hurricane Harvey. There are 3 teams all working on different projects. The first group is helping Habitat for Humanity to rebuild houses, move supplies and clear fallen trees. One woman that they have helped has been living in a tent because her house is completely destroyed.

The 2nd group is helping a church get their building ready to be able to use again. It has been 11 months and this church still can’t meet in their building because it was so badly damaged. They have painted almost the entire outside of the building, put down floors and put up molding. Some are still wearing that paint!

Our 3rd group is helping a single mom with 4 kids build a fence in her backyard. Her yard was destroyed in the hurricane and she still cries every time she tells the story. They have done all this in 109-degree weather with unbelievable humidity.

While here, we’ve also been able to experience line dancing, go-carting and enjoy an amazing southern breakfast of sausage and biscuits! The week has only just begun, but so much progress has already been made. The boys work so hard and rarely complain. It is an honor to serve God alongside them and spread his love in such a tangible way!


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