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  • Pastor Chris High

A Huge Thank You


Don't you love it when a plan comes together as it should? First, I must give a huge thank you to our SkyKidz leaders that work with Baby Steps, Little Steps and Hand Prints. Every Sunday our teams had over 30 little tikes from the ages of 6 weeks to 5 years old in three classrooms with fabric walls. No soundproofing at all and they it gave their best, not to just babysit, but to teach each child that God created the world and loves them. Each of you will be rewarded mightily for your ministry to our little ones.

I also want to thank everyone who was involved and worked on the walls. Last September, Diane Ruiz started the process of talking to companies in China to find and purchase the best walls for the money. She has an email thread so long that almost reaches to China. One Sunday, during church there was a phone call, which informed us that if we did not find a receiving company within an hour that they may not accept the walls into the US Seaport. She handled the situation with grace and composure. Jorge Castro who unloaded the parts, moved, helped us set up and spent days working on the structure. Mike Tucci the engineer, who laid everything out by using math so that we did not waste any material. Jose who spent a week preparing the support structure and painted the new steel. Izzy who helped and called others to help. Plus, all of you who helped tear out the old walls and put up the new ones, a HUGE thank you! Most of all thanks to Jesus, who is bringing us together as one and uses the campus to connect us.

If you have not seen the new walls, please take a quick tour downstairs in the main church. You will see the walls that make great class rooms for our children and can be pulled back so the basement can become one big room again for other events. I do not know how God will use this space in the future, but I am convinced he will use it for great things.

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