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Freedom to Grow Update


The most incredible moments in our lives are the ones that produce fruit for years to come. You don’t remember being, born but it was an important day for you. The day that you took your first step set you off into a whole new mode of transportation. When you learned how to read it opened a new world of information & entertainment. When you made the decision to pursue that pretty girl that you now call your wife it changed your life. All of these events were full of possibility. Skyline’s relocation to Bloomfield was one of those incredible events. We have been here for a year and have only begun to scratch the surface of what God is going to do here. You have been a huge part of this step by giving to the capital campaign called Freedom to Grow. As a church, we have given just a little over 650 thousand of the million dollars pledged.

As the year comes to an end, I want to convey the vision of remodeling the chapel and updating the main church windows, which will allow us to invite children to a beautiful building and experience the powerful love of Jesus. I urge you to trust Jesus and give by faith to complete your pledge. If you were not here for the beginning of Freedom to Grow, it is not too late. Simply give to the building fund by marking it on your envelope or electronically through Planning Center Giving. One day we will all look back and thank God for letting us be a part of something that he has used to transform so many hearts all throughout our community.

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