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Spread Smiles this Christmas Eve


Last year at approximately 8pm, December 24th, in Montclair NJ, Mountainside Hospital to be exact. A beautiful young nurse was halfway through her shift when the Dube family walked through the door with a fresh box of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. To their surprise the nurse’s eyes got very big and she screamed with delight at the sight of the green, red and white box full of the delicious treat. Her eyes filled with tears of joy as she could barely speak. The Dube’s were a bit taken back and thought her reaction was a bit over the top. That is until she showed them her Facebook post from the night before. She had posted how disappointed she was that she had to work on Christmas Eve. She prayed that maybe someone would drop by a box of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts to make her night. That is right, when she saw the doughnuts it was a direct answer to prayer. At Skyline, we call that Spreading Smiles. Now, we are not promising that every box of doughnuts that you give out will get that kind of reaction, but it will spread a lot of smiles.

This is how it works. You sign up and pay for as many dozen doughnuts as you would like to give out to people who work on Christmas Eve. We will have a map so that you can see all the possible places to deliver. The cost is $5.00 a box. We have had people give one box and one year a couple gave out 20 boxes. We pick up the doughnuts on Sunday morning and will have them at the church for you to pick up after the service you attend. Then you can deliver them any time during the day or evening of Christmas Eve. If you will not have time to deliver the doughnuts, but would like to pay so that others can, simply pay for them at the Concierge table and we will find someone to deliver them. Here are the details one more time. The doughnuts are $5.00 a dozen. Sometime between now and the 17th, stop by the Concierge table, sign up and pay for the doughnuts. Then on Christmas Eve, come to one of the 3 services that morning and pick up your doughnuts on the way out. Enjoy spreading smiles with your families to the service workers in the community.

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