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Packages for Puerto Rico


A huge thank you to everyone who gave to the Puerto Rico hurricane collection. We filled two trailers full of food, water and clothing, but an even bigger thank you to Sue Dizzine and her life group who started the drive along with her life group Live, Love, Laugh. She had someone all lined up to fly the packages, but when that fell through we found out just how hard it is to get supplies to Puerto Rico. It was almost impossible.

Our next big thanks goes to Izzy Sanchez, who was on his computer almost 16 hours a day searching for ways to help his parents in Puerto Rico. Several times he fell asleep at his computer searching. During his searching he was able to connect with people and learn all about ways to get supplies sent there. He got his Mom out somehow and connected with a group of people that were going to find missing people and make sure that they were okay. He even found a group that was doing emergency medical missions from Europe to help people who had severe medical issues like diabetes and needed insulin.

One of the biggest issues was finding a way to get supplies to PR that would not be stolen along the way. Thankfully after much hard work he found a way. For Izzy’s bachelor party a group of men from Skyline took the supplies to a warehouse in Hackensack and put them on pallets so that they could be loaded into a plane that was headed to Puerto Rico. Please continue praying for the people who will receive these supplies.

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