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Guest Speaker Lori High


This Sunday Miss Lori, as she is called in Skykidz, is going to share her story. You may even get to hear her sing as a part of it. There will also be three Baptisms. All of this ties into our Faith Promise series about giving by grace. How do you build your life on grace when it comes to giving to the church? Building lives on grace is a very simple principle. God acts and we respond. God promises and by faith we live like he is going to keep those promises. Here are 3 simple promises: 1. Sow little and reap little, sow a lot and reap a lot. 2. Giving by grace is a cheerful response to either what God has done for you or what he promises to do for you. 3. We usually want to give a lot, but fear God won’t give back enough. Or on time for what we may need or want later. Our goal is that we grow in our faith in God through our giving. So, each year we take some time to decide how much we will give to God through Skyline over the next year. In this case 2018. We don’t ask God how much to give, but spend some time remembering all that God has done. What he promises if I give what I cheerfully and by faith want to give next year. Then, we promise that number on a card and hand it in. The church believes in this so much, that we then set our budget off the faith of our people. Remember, God does not want your money, but your heart! When he has our heart, he fills it with generosity and it delights in giving. So that more people can be transformed by His amazing grace.

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