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Hunger Collection


230 Bags of groceries collected!!!! Have you ever wished that you could help feed the hungry, but could not find the time or the resources? Then participating in Hunger Collection is for you. A couple of weeks ago we did our first Hunger Collection since moving to our new campus and it was a huge success. We handed out over 600 fliers in just 3.5 hours. By the end of 5 hours, we had collected 230 bags of groceries. We actually had to stop early because Pastor Chris’ truck was completely full.

The set up for the event was very simple. Using only 2 tables, 1 at the entrance with fliers on it which let people know what items the food pantry needed. The customers took the fliers and picked up a few items while shopping. Then dropped them off at the table set up at the exit.

A big shout out to Diane Ruiz, Patricia Wojewoda, Aixa Reyes, Wayne & Regina Hubbard, Maxiel, Don & Isaiah Fisher. It was amazing to watch Don Fisher who seemed to have the perfect balance when speaking to people. He was aggressive, but not annoying. It was also encouraging to see how much people enjoyed picking up a few items for those in need. The next time we announce Hunger Collection, sign up for an hour and be amazed at the difference you can make in such a short amount of time.

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