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Experiencing Childlike Joy in an Adult World


This week Pastor Chris will wrap up the series called Release, “Experiencing Childlike Joy in an Adult World.” The key to each message has been to repent or let go of something that has grabbed a hold of you and is stealing your joy. What has it done to your life to let go of arguing and grabbing a hold of thankfulness, to let go of hurtful actions and crazy expectations in your relationships, to let go of the fears that cause anxiety and grab ahold of God’s promises, to let go of ugly thinking and grab a hold of a mind filled with goodness?

It has been great to hear of the freedom and joy many of you are experiencing as you release the ways of this world for Jesus and his ways. If this all sounds good, but you missed the messages or need to go back and listen again, simply jump on our website and go to Sunday. Then click on Listen to Messages. You will find all the messages in the series there.

This week we will explore finding contentment. Can you imagine how great life would be if you could live from contentment instead of spending all your time looking for contentment? Jesus has done all the work to set us free and live lives full of Joy. All we have to do is release the old ways of believing, thinking and living, turn in his direction and follow. Keep sending in those stories of RELEASE!

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