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Campus Update


Thanks to Keith Aymar and the Landscaping Team, it seems that every week our campus gets a little better. They have taken out all the big bushes on campus and replaced them with flower beds. One of their biggest projects was fixing the drainage behind the church. Walk behind the church and you will be delighted by the work they have done. If you would like to join them, they work on most Saturday Mornings. Or you can find out more information about the team at Concierge on Sunday mornings.

Thanks to Joe Dennis and the Parking Team we have a new sidewalk on Watching Ave and very soon there will be a cross walk across Watchung Ave. The next big project will be the chapel. We are still in the permit obtaining stage, but there are a few things that we can do before the chapel work begins. For example, the windows and front steps. Pastor Chris will be having work days on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings. During these times, we will simply make as much progress on those two projects as we can during the work days.

This is a DIY project and a really, BIG one. The most important principle to remember when doing a DIY is that if you keep working, it will one day be finished. Setting timelines is often futile and very discouraging because so many things are out of your control. At Skyline, we want our DIY projects to form environments that will create new friendships, give you a chance to learn a new skill and result in a campus that will help people build their lives on grace. The only thing we can control is showing up consistently, giving our best when we can and trusting God that he will use us along the way.

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