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Sending Supplies to Puerto Rico


Skyline has collected two trailers full of supplies to send to Puerto Rico to help in the relief effort. As is often the case, the collecting can be the easiest part. Just a couple days after filling the trailers we heard that our planned transportation had been cancelled. What do we do now? We don’t have anyone in our church who owns a transport plane or a ship? We knew we were committed to getting the supplies to PR so it started with prayer. While we were praying and honestly sweating it out a bit, Izzy Sanchez was online trying to get as much info as possible to try and get his Mom out of PR as she was sick. Izzy is an incredible connector. In this process which he jumped into almost full time, he built connections that will allow us to ship everything to PR in the next week or two.

This week a couple of life groups are taking everything out of the trailers, sorting, putting into boxes and labeling. The result will be a fully executed shipping manifesto. That’s right Skyline has become an international shipping church. How do we do these things? It is quite simple really. We are committed to doing whatever it takes to get the job done. In Ephesians, it says to do all you do to glorify God. To worship by praising God, not just with your mouth but with all of your life. Oh, and it takes faith to take a risk and step out and do what you can, trusting God to lead us and keep it going. Thank you, Jesus, for using your people to love each other and minister to the people of PR. Thank you to all of you who have given so generously and thanks to the Live, Laugh and Love life group.

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