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  • Jose DeJesus

Jose's Life Group Story


Meet Jose DeJesus, the newest life group leader at Skyline Church. Jose is always looking for the next step towards growth. His journey started by meeting with Pastor Chris to take Growth Catalyst, during which time he was encouraged to join a life group to continue his growth. He didn’t know what to expect when joining New Adventure Life Group, but was excited to know that they had food at their meetings! When he attended, what he found was an environment that was welcoming and felt as if he had been known by the members for a long time.

Jose says, “Going to life group has 100% impacted my life, especially my relationship with Kenia my fiancé. The men in the group played a big role in my proposal. Everything I have ever heard or seen was telling me, “do not get married.” But not these guys. Not my brothers in Christ. They all would tell me how they love their wives by meeting their needs and are happy to wash dishes and serve their loved ones. That’s how I knew I was around the right people.”

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