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  • Heydi Quezada

Heydi's Life Group Experience


A year ago, my husband broke a promise. He broke the vows he made in front of God and our loved ones. Life was happening and we had some challenges, but what marriage doesn't have challenges? We had two beautiful healthy children, yet he was drifting away. Rather than practice truth and put God in the center of our marriage, he chose to walk away. It was August 1, 2016 and I remember coming home with our two little children and he was gone. Too many things were going through my head. He told me he was leaving. He told me he couldn't do this anymore. In my mind, our problems were minute compared to what others have experienced and have overcome. Why couldn't he put forth the effort and fight and follow through with his vows, "in sickness and in health...for richer for poor." I couldn't piece it together.

This didn't take place overnight. Although, many had no idea we were having difficulties. I had been seeking guidance and support from my Skyline family, especially Pastor Chris. I was loving my husband the way God called me to do so, yet he was slowly drifting away. He stopped attending Skyline and disconnected from the few friends he had made. He told me marriage shouldn't be like this. He didn't want to try, because, according to him, "you shouldn't have to try."

I knew those were lies and it hurt me to see him react like this. However, I was intentional in feeding my soul with God’s truth. I was growing in my faith and learning all about what God says is true. I was applying these truths and I realized, I could not fall apart. I had not done anything wrong. I had two beautiful children to love and raise. Yes, I was heartbroken. I cried. I screamed. I asked why BUT, I didn’t fall apart. I had my Skyline family loving me and feeding me truth. I had my Life Group Ladies. It didn’t matter what time of day or how crazy my texts or calls were, there was always someone available to simply listen, love me and remind me to focus on Jesus. These ladies walked (and continue to walk) with me from the moment he left, throughout the divorce proceedings, and even now as I adjust to my new life as a single mother.

I can’t even begin to explain the many ways my Life Group Ladies have loved me. Each one has done so in their own way. The experience I have had as a Life Group member is a beautiful example of how we are one body and how we need each other to “do life.” We cannot walk alone. I am so thankful that I don’t walk alone.

This chapter of my life is not over. It has not been easy. Those who have not experienced Jesus the way that I have are surprised that I have “handled it” with such composure. What they don’t know is that every time the devil tried to knock me down, there was someone from my Life Group holding me up in Jesus’ name. I rejoice in the love and grace that Jesus gives me and shows me through my Skyline family, especially my Life Group Ladies.

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