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  • Marilou Dennis

Splash Weekend 2017


This Splash was going to be different. First, it was the last weekend in July; there would be no classes for the children; and we didn’t have the Youth Temple so we were not going to have any sessions, except our Worship Service at Grove Hall on Friday evening and our Sunday Celebration Service by the ocean. Ericka, Gary and Tayt were on the FCA Missions Trip – we all were missing them.

There were so many changes. How would our Skyline family like it? Would there be joy because we were all together, on a great family vacation for a weekend, having an opportunity to have no schedules, getting to play with our kids, our grandkids, our friend’s kids? Would we find it relaxing to be able to sit on the porch and rock or help the kids do their Scavenger Hunt that Diane Lampmann made for all the children? Would we find that having the time to spend helping them find the items on the list was fun, a mystery to solve, joyful to walk hand-in-hand as everyone searched for all that was needed? Would we enjoy spending time together on the boardwalk laughing, walking, talking, sharing, caring for each other? Would it be awesome being able to come back together for our meals that were put together by our amazing Medina family – made with love, care, joy, hope and a huge smile and hugs?

Well, even though a lot of my time was spent in bed, I have to say that what I did see myself and experience through my husband’s eyes was friendship, laughter, joy, community, love, care, fun, great talks, great walks and children’s smiles and laughter. My husband had the best weekend experimenting with his new drone and sharing it with all of his Skyline family. It was a weekend to remember. Yes, we did have some bumps, but those bumps only brought us closer together instead of judging, fighting or pointing fingers. Because I know in our birth families, when bumps happen in our lives, they tend to cause lies in our lives. Instead, at our Skyline family weekend, our bumps caused us to draw on truths and to draw from Jesus, to thank Him, and to come closer together.

So thank you, Skyline, for a weekend that was full of truth, growth, love, laughter, fun, sharing hearts, relaxation, awesome worship, amazing service on Sunday in the open air in the park and for being a family that is there for you no matter what your needs may be (like forgetting your medicine – lol).

Love you,

Marilou and Joe Dennis


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