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  • Ericka Ellerbusch

Skykidz Missions Day


Have you ever wondered if God can be seen in everyday life? Have you questioned if God has power and if his truth matters? If you have then you are normal, but if you were at Skykidz Missions Day then you would have caught a good look at God's love in action, alive and moving in our lives.

Here is descriptive snapshot: There were teens, who were exhausted from a trip the day before, pouring their strength and energy into weeding, digging and planting flowers. We had adults building relationships with teens and children by working alongside them. There were conversations full of truth, love and laughs happening everywhere you looked. There was sweating and smiles everywhere!

Children as young as 2 years old were hauling mulch and dumping it into flower beds and sometimes on the flowers, whoops. We worked from 9:15 am until 1:00 pm and I don't think I heard a single complaint. The number 1 question asked was, "Ok, what else needs to be done?" There were over 50 people who came out to love our town in a practical and real way.

The greatest gift was being able to watch children and adults come together to serve God through his strength and power. To watch them grow in patience and understanding about how to work with their children. To watch children who aren't usually given responsibility rise to the task of whatever was asked of them and watching parents see their children in new ways and capable of working hard. Yes, we loved our town and God also used it to show us how love always creates bonds and growth in ways that we could never imagine!


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