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Skyline Huddle/Bloomfield FCA Missions Trip


The Skyline Senior High & Bloomfield FCA headed down to Lumberton, NC on Sunday for a week of clean up and rebuilding homes due to damages caused by hurricane Matthew in 2016. So far, they are having a ton of fun & are getting a lot of work done. Here is an update from the team:

During our time here, we've learned that the rain from the hurricane caused a lot of levies and dams to break. The water was just too much for them to hold back. The water had reached 18" high as it rushed through the town and into homes. The lady who lives at the house we're working on had surgery the day before the storm hit, and was unable to return to her home. She came by and thanked us on Tuesday. We enjoyed spending time with her.

Our team has been working on installing new flooring in the house, and insulation underneath it. They have been highly motivated throughout both workdays. The group has been divided into two teams. Each night we play a competitive game. The games have been fun and the group works together to win. The losing team must do the dishes after dinner and breakfast.

Every person in the group has done an amazing job. They all came down here with the mindset of doing their very best each day. As added incentive, at the end of each night we pick out two students who have shown exceptional character during the work day. They are awarded Nehemiah's hammer, named after a man in the Bible who led the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem. Below are the recipients so far:

Monday: Jayson Lopez and Kevin Bretz

Tuesday: Kaitlyn Aymar and Andrew Terc

Thank you for your support throughout this process

Kelechi & Katie Ibeh

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