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  • Patricia Wojewoda

My 3rd Trip to Mexico


It was an absolute blessing to have gone back to the orphanage in Mexico last month and to continue building relationships with the children at Casa Hogar Alegre. I am beyond grateful to my friends and Skyline family for helping fund my 3rd mission trip. Although I only raised 60% of the cost, every single dollar made a difference. Thank you so much for supporting my trip and mission!

This year, we had the biggest team yet, a team of 18! Our team was able to provide the children with a week of Vacation Bible School, where they got to listen to Bible stories about how vast God's love for them is. They also participated in arts and crafts, sports, and worship in music. We offered our serving hands at the school with the kindergartners and in the nursery. We also helped paint an entire dining hall, as well as, the window and door trims. We took the children on another trip to the Zoo and had a big party on our last evening with them; which included singing, piñatas, pizza, and ice cream. I served in the arts and crafts part of VBS this year and had a blast helping them get creative.

Since my last visit, the orphanage has created an office room with air conditioning for Mama Liz, the woman who started the orphanage and still works hard to run it. They also created a computer room for the students, started holding English classes, sewing classes, and created a video about the orphanage and it's purpose. Their next goal is to make their school on the premises, 100% biblical!

My favorite memory from this trip is just watching the children help one another. The way they care for each other, as if they are truly all brothers and sisters, portrayed a beautiful picture of how we should all treat one another as brothers and sisters in Christ. It showed me how God's love overcomes all circumstances.

It was another successful trip, loving the children and reinforcing the truths and promises of God. As always, it was heartbreaking to leave. I miss them, already! God-willingly, I hope to go back again next year and hoping one or two of you will join me. Thank you again for being part of my trip the past three years - through prayers, words of encouragement, and your generous donations.


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