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Easter Egg Hunt Team Signups!


The Easter Egg Hunt is an incredible event! If you've been to any of our past hunts, you know this first hand. And if you haven't been, you do not want to miss this! Part of what makes it so incredible is our Leaders. There's not doubt about it - the event takes a lot of work and sweat. But our volunteer teams pour all of their heart into it and do it with incredible joy. It's truly an incredible experience. If you want to get involved, this Sunday we will be having Team Sign-ups after each service. Our Team Leaders will be ready to tell you all about their team. Here's a list of the teams that need people just like you!

  • Balloons Team: prepare and handout free balloons with a smile

  • Bounce House Team: provide bounce house entertainment for the children

  • Bunny Team: dress up in a bunny costume for picture time

  • Refreshments Team: provide coffee and water throughout the event

  • Craft Team: help participants with 11 fun crafts

  • Egg Team: create hunt area for 4 age groups & 1 special needs hunt

  • Face Painting Team: have fun painting children's faces

  • Games Team: have a blast playing with participants playing over 15 games and giving out prizes

  • Registration Team: welcome participants and distribute information about the hunt

  • Setup Team: provide area leaders with equipment they need to create the hunt

  • Signs Team: help put up signs throughout the park for all the different activities

  • Sound Team: provide background music during the event

  • Tear-Down Team: remove and pack up all materials after the event

  • Toddler Town Team: create a mini play area for children up to 3 years old

Don't forget to stop by the signup desk on your way out on Sunday. And remember, these slots fill up fast so don't delay and sign-up!

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